The Shock and the Aftershock

for a DIS Host Family

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The Shock

Seven years after our 20th student Danielle left us, I - Leif - got a phone call from DIS.

I was asked to see a psychologist to clarify something, which has happened while Danielle stayed with us 7 years before.

The psychologist told me that she had seen an e-mail from Danielle accusing me for a sexual assault.

It should have happened one night between August and December when Danielle slept in her room.

No further details about the assault were available as Danielle passed out the moment I should have touched her.

Danielle did not want to report it to the police.

I have not done it.  It is a false accusation. I sleep beside my wife, Kirsten, during nights.  Getting up would wake her and the dog!

The Aftershock

We proposed a meeting with DIS, to see the e-mail and find out what it was all about.  The only answer we got:

A letter from DIS' director Anders Uhrskov - translated from Danish - saying:

"DIS has the responsibility for the students staying with a host family. Our relationship to the Danish host families is based upon unconditional trust to the positive character of this.

The claim we have received about you cast doubt at the character of your behavior in relationship to our female students. The tone used in your letter underlines to me the legitimacy of our doubt.

When doubt of this sort has been sown, we do not want to continue the partnership. We do not take a stand in relationship to the claim, even if it appears unpleasantly credible.

We do not, therefore, want to use you as a host family in the future and see no reason to meet any more about this case."

 Danielle wrote a few words in our guestbook a couple of hours before she left:   Danielle

We wanted to see the e-mail about the accusation to try to find out about the background for it.

Furthermore, we wanted to see Danielle's comments about us in the DIS' archives  when she left Denmark.

But we were denied access to any  information about us as a host family.

DIS’ decision to deny us access to the e-mails was in conflict to Danish Law!!! 

DIS' Board of Directors has approved of DIS' handling of the  case!!!

Comments and questions are welcome e-mail:

A DIS Host Family


In Danish


We ended up in a situation we thought would never happen to us.

Danielle was our 20th DIS student out of 35.

Her stay was successful. She often cooked meals for us.

Check out what she wrote in our guestbook when she left us,


Her accusation came as a shock to us. What has happened to her since she left us?

Check out the reaction from another student when she learned about our situation:


When Danielle accused Leif for a sexual assault 7 years after her stay, we had - fortunately - ceased to ask for more students to stay with us. We needed the room.

So DIS' decision to skip us as a host family had no practical consequences for us.

DIS denies us access to any  information about:

 when it was supposed to have happened,

(the first night she slept in our house, the last night or in which of the four months?)

How the American authorities have been informed about it

Danielle´s ideas  about the accusation - why did she not want the Danish police involved

Any further details about the accusation.

Was it Danielle who sent the e-mails or was it someone else?



  A DIS Host Family



About DIS from their  website:
“ DIS is affiliated with the University of Copenhagen and recognized, supervised, and financially supported by the Danish government.”
“DIS is committed to the continual improvement of control and quality development in order to secure the highest possible standards.”

 and what we learned:

despite all the efforts  DIS has lost its complete file of complains up to 2005, "unfortunately" including all the information about our case!

An additional copy of all the documentation in a seperate file had been lost at the same time, "unfortunately".

In June 2007, the Danish Data Protection Agency recommended DIS to re-train their staff in  e-mail handling and document control!

Last updated: 2014-10-01