A DIS Host Family

in Copenhagen


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 We have been a happy Danish host family for 35 students during 14 years - until --

How to survive being a host family:

You have to be outgoing.

Adjustable to new habits is a must.

Busy fast food families forget it.

Your benefits:

It keeps you young.

You make new friends.

It widens your horizons.

It improves your English and keeps it updated

The drawbacks:

Your private life gets less private.

It just might end disastrous.
The Shock (click)

The prize:

We are still in contact with half of the 35 students who stayed with us.

9 mothers came from US to visit their student daughters here.

We attended 3 weddings in US.

We have visited 13 students and 6 families  in US - a few more than once.

We have enjoyed revisits from 5 former students. A few more than once.

Anna visited us first time the Summer 2006 with her mum - an US - DIS student from 1996. Last visit July, 2014

Comments and questions are welcome e-mail:  family@dishostfamily.dk

In Danish



A  happy experience   ended in a   shock for a lifetime




Anna's 1st visit 2006

was followed up in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014


Kirsten Mahr  and        Leif Olsen





   The Shock

Copenhagen, Denmark

New Hampshire, USA


Last updated:  2014-10-14