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Have a wonderful Christmas 12/19/1996

 Dear Kirsten and Leif 

It seems like only a few days ago that I arrived in Denmark, and now in just a few hours I will be returning to the United States, coming from a larger family, I have often felt lost in the shuffle, but I have enjoyed being “the only child here.” I can’t tell you how much I loved having my own bathroom. I anticipate it will be quite a difficult switch to eating the Floridanian subtropical fish for I have grown to like the cold-water fish much more, and I will always remember all the blackberries, apricots, grapes, plums, tomatoes, and potatoes that grow in your backyard. I hope you will let me share my oranges and grapefruit from my backyard with you. I really enjoyed cooking meals for you for I do not think anyone else has ever made remarks about it. You have made me feel so comfortable and welcome in your home, and I have really been thankful for this because sometimes I am not sure where my home is – Florida, Ohio, or other places I have studied or lived in the past few years. It has been so good to know that I have a home in Denmark. All the conversations with Leif have been very helpful for I am now thinking about myself and my future in a different way, and Kirsten, your enthusiasm for your work and the tenderness you show to your patients has been an inspiration to me. I hope when I become a doctor I can treat my patients the way you do. Thanks for a wonderful four months and a lot of pleasant memories.

With much love, Danielle XXXXXX



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